Little Rock Senior LivingWelcome to The Manor Senior Living Community’s “Little Rock Senior Living 101” blog. We want this to be a useful resource to those seeking help in caring for their aging parent, and loved ones, and to provide information to help them answer some of the following questions including,

  • When is the Right Time for Mom or Dad to Move?
  • How to Begin the Process?
  • Signs that Additional Help is Needed?
  • Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care…what are the Best Senior Care Options?
  • Benefits of Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Many families struggle to make decisions about the best Little Rock Senior living situation for their aging parent. Should they continue to live at home? Should they move in with adult children? Should they find a senior living community that provides supportive services, yet allows senior to maintain independence? Most seniors, if given the choice, would choose to remain in their home, for as long as possible. If a senior has a full life, a close community of friends/church family, and seems to be thriving, it’s worth just keeping a close eye on changes that could signal that additional help is needed.

Unfortunately, many of the families that I meet with on a daily basis have little or no background information in Little Rock senior living communities, and what they can offer their loved one. They struggle with making decisions for their parents, that may or may not be welcomed by the parent, and how to make the right decision that is best, although at times, not popular.

It’s important to note and educate seniors on various options that were not available when they were growing up. Assisted living is a relatively new concept in senior living, and many seniors are not aware of the continued independence that is available to them in a senior assisted living community. “Back in the day” the only option available, when having to leave their home, was for a senior to go to a nursing home! That thought typically strikes up fear in any older person, because of the horror stories that perhaps they saw their “Uncle Joe and Aunt May” live through in their past. That fear is typically deeply held in seniors, and rightfully so. To dispel that ingrained fear, it is very important for the family to educate themselves on the numerous senior resources that are available for their parent(s), including home health assistance, beautiful senior retirement communities, and many more options that are now available. It’s important to communicate that by providing some “assistance” through supportive and personalized services, their loved one CAN actually maintain their independence, although they may not be able to live independently any longer. Educating their parents can help dispel the lifelong fear of seeing Uncle Joe and Aunt May in their destitute and drab concrete rooms, and open them up to a whole new adventure, with new friends and new memories for everyone!

Next time, we will discuss the warning signs to look for in our loved one, that may signal intervention may soon be necessary, and when is the right time to begin the process?Thank you for joining our Little Rock Senior Living 101 Blog.

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