When one parent passes away, the surviving spouse may find themselves at loose ends.  Initially they may want to stay in their home but in time many people find living alone has lost its luster – they grow tired of the constant upkeep that a house requires.  In addition, daily tasks become more challenging and the idea of an alternative to their current living situation becomes appealing.  Finding a place where one can be socially active, participate in a variety of activities, and get the support needed while still remaining independent is the goal of seniors today.  The right assisted living in Little Rock for your older parent or loved one can be the perfect solution to this dilemma.

With The growing population of aging “baby boomers”,  assisted living communities are a desirable solution, so the real challenge is picking one that best meets your family’s needs.  Get educated and know what to look for: The following are five tips to help you find the right assisted living in Little Rock:

Tips for Selecting Assisted Living

Tip #1: Clean and Safe

You can tell a lot about an organization by their attention to detail: Do they keep a clean and orderly facility?  Visit a senior living establishment and carefully inspect the obvious things like surfaces, floors, bathrooms, and kitchens, but also note how the management maintains common areas.  Check corners, windowsills, baseboards and behind furniture to be sure they are fastidious in their housekeeping practices.

Along with the inside of the facility, be sure there are plenty of outdoor spaces for sitting and enjoying the nice weather.  Is landscaping well maintained and grounds situated to insure safety and security.

Tip #2: Personal Care

Quality personal care for your loved one is very important – don’t settle for anything less than topnotch assistance with personal hygiene.  Investigate how well the current residents are cared for by observing them first hand.  Are they bathed and groomed or disheveled and unkempt?  Are their clothes tidy and appropriate for the weather?  Do they seem relaxed or agitated?  If you find the latter, rather than the former, move on.

Tip #3: Medical

Most assisted living in Little Rock provide 24-hour care,  they should also provide medication monitoring and be prepared to handle emergencies.  Do they have  nurses on staff and provide therapies, exercise programs, and rehabilitation after surgery?  If your loved one needs more comprehensive health care are there facilities onsite that can accommodate their changing medical status?

Tip #4: Staff

Before deciding on a facility plan a visit during a special event: It’s a great opportunity to see the programs and if the participants are enjoying them.  Ask for a calendar of the upcoming events to make sure you choose a place that offers activities your loved one likes doing.  At this time you can also evaluate the relationship between staff and residents to see if they are positive and warm.

Tip #5: Food

When taking your tour, eat in the dining room so you can personally taste the food.  Of course the menu should be nutritious and healthy, but it must also taste good.  Ask how many meals there are per day, what the dining room hours are, and what happens if a resident is too ill to come down at mealtime.

Trust Yourself: Make sure you gather all the information before making your final decision.  Ask yourself if you’d like living there.  Was your overall impression positive or did it make you uneasy?  Trust your instincts, and in doing so, you will find peace of mind for yourself and your loved one.

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