Importance Of Good Night’s Sleep For Seniors

What’s better than a good night’s sleep? Nothing! Turns out that’s actually a scientific fact – Superior health, especially for seniors, starts with a restful sleep. Sleep Quality Let’s start with the basics, because you might be surprised to learn that not all sleep is created equal. NIH Senior Health explained that there are two types of… Read More

7 Spring Activities For Seniors

After enduring a long winter of harsh snow storms and cold, bitter temperatures, it’s quite comforting to know that spring is quickly approaching, which means warmer, more pleasant weather right is around the corner. What better way to welcome the fresh new season than by spending your free time outdoors in the sunshine? Don’t let Mother Nature have… Read More

Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Facilities in Little Rock AR

Choosing an assisted living facilities in Little Rock AR  is a major decision – one that should be made with careful research and consideration. The following tips are provides to help seniors and families decide which senior living community best fits their needs. Staffing Is there a licensed nurse on-site 24 hours per day? Is the… Read More

Helping loved ones in preventing falls at home?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, about one out of every three adults over the age of 65 will experience a fall. Senior falls should be taken seriously, as they’re the most common reason that older adults will be admitted to the hospital for trauma, the organization reports. As a… Read More