Every person wants to maintain their independence, dignity and respect after retirement. Little Rock assisted living and care communities aim to fulfill these three needs for different individuals. Families can rest assured that all their relatives’ needs are met through assisted care while ensuring that they are living life to the fullest.

Little Rock Assisted Living Facility


Retaining a measure of independence is important to each and every one of us. Being independent can however have different meanings to different people.

At Little Rock assisted living communities a variety of accommodation choices allow individuals to retain these differing levels of independence. From single bedrooms to 2 bedroom studio living, a range of different independent living arrangements can be tailor made to suit specific needs.

These quiet, yet aesthetically pleasing communities offer a wide range of services that allow for independence while providing the peace of mind that assistance is available where and when necessary. This means that you can opt for the level of assistance required. For example, assistance with daily tasks, ensuring medication is received, transportation, monitoring medical conditions, etc.

Staff members working within the communities provide these services without being intrusive while ensuring that the necessary care is being provided at all times. Even if the highest level of care and assistance is required, a resident can retain as much independence as the are able.


Part of ensuring that an individual’s dignity is prioritized is to provide physical, mental and social stimulation. Little Rock assisted living communities have a range of activities that residents can take part in to keep them busy. However, it is up to the individual as to which activities they would like to take part in.

Loneliness can set in very quickly when a person retires and moves from what they have become accustomed to in their daily lives. A retiree can quickly feel that they no longer form part of society and need to be part of a community to fill the gap.

A sense of community is extremely important for residents. Interaction with peers and creating friendships within the community is of paramount importance and encouraged.

As important as community is, privacy also plays an important role in the dignity of an individual. Privacy is maintained in the different types of accommodation that are provided for the residents.


No matter what our age or status, we all want to be treated with respect. Little Rock assisted living communities employ only staff who are passionate and caring about the services they provide for the residents.

This passion and caring attitude relates directly to the way in which each individual of the community is treated respectfully. These staff members are also well trained to provide the best service in the specific tasks that they perform around the community. All requests are taken seriously and accommodations made to ensure the residents feel comfortable and at home.

At The Manor, a Little Rock assisted living facility, we provide the personal care in a full service luxury environment that families are looking for.  To learn more about The Manor please call 501-444-2390.

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