If you have a loved one who is planning on moving into an Arkansas assisted living facilities in the near future, then you probably have a pretty full plate. Moving in any stage of life is difficult, but for older adults, the process can be compounded by anxiety about starting a new chapter in life. There are ways that you can help make this process easier. Here are some tips on how to help your loved one prepare and cope with the stress of moving.

Arkansas Assisted Living Facilities

1. Talk with someone at the Arkansas assisted living facilities

Before you can start planning for the big move, you’ll need to understand what sort of help and guidelines are in place at Arkansas assisted living facilities. Ask to have a meeting with someone at the home, and bring your loved one along if you feel he or she is ready for that conversation. The staff member will be able to answer all your questions, and may even offer to show you a sample room, so you can plan ahead on how much you’ll be able to move to the new home. You can also discuss what kinds of items are and are not needed at the facility, which will make the next step of moving simpler.

2. Have a conversation with your loved one well in advance

Of course, you’ll need to have several conversations about moving with your loved one before you start packing up. There are many topics to discuss during these one-on-ones, but do your best not to dominate the conversation. Ask your loved one what his or her fears are about moving, or if there’s anything that they are confused about. Do your best to quell their anxieties, but if you can’t, let them know that you hear their worries and are here to make things go as smoothly as possible.

3. Start with sorting

When the time comes to choose one of the Arkansas assisted living facilities and start moving in, you can make the process a lot easier by starting with sorting. First, create three piles – one of items that must go to the assisted living facility, one of items that can be discarded, and one pile of “maybes” that can either be left behind or taken with. Once you’ve got that squared away, return to the discard pile, and separate those items into three more groups  one to throw away, one to donate, and one to give to family or friends.

At The Manor, an Arkansas assisted living facility, we provide the personal care in a full service luxury environment that families are looking for.

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